Top 10 landmarks in Albania

The most famous landmarks in Albania can divide them into natural and historical, depending on what the purpose of our journey. Important strategic position of Albania on the Adriatic determine the commercial and outdoor gear, this Balkan country.

In general topography is hilly and low mountain passable especially difficult in the winter because of poor infrastructure. Albania has many minerals, which unfortunately are not well developed. The reasons are both political and financial.

What are the most interesting landmarks in Albania, which deserve to be mentioned. First Butrint National Park, which is included in the UNESCO list. Located in the southwestern part of the country and the most interesting attraction is the ancient village that was located in an area. Bookmark and Share

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Beautiful and unique attractions in Albania

There is a well-preserved ancient theater, Venetian castle, Acropolis, and of course great exposure Butrint Museum.

North of the capital Tirana is Skadar lake - very beautiful, especially if you watch the fortress Rozafa.

The lake itself is half of landmarks of Montenegro, half of Albania, but this does not prevent a boat trip along the coast. Another beautiful vacation spot is Lake Ohrid. For most people, Ohrid Lake is part of landmarks in Macedonia.

Natural and historical landmarks in Albania

In contrast to Macedonian side of the lake, here is calm and peaceful, because there are not many people as advertising in this country is rather weak.

For lovers of ecotourism offer a walk in the northern part of the country near the border with Montenegro. Here you can build your tent in a deep ravine surrounded by beautiful mountains, and if you want to ski in winter head in the southern regions of Albania near the town of Korca.

There are some good tracks for skiing during the months of December, January and February. The climate is humid Mediterranean, perfect for the beach during the summer months.

There are many beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, and in particular the cities of Durres, Vlora and Saranda. It is important to note that the tourism potential of Albania is huge, which is yet to be developed. Attractions in Albania are many, starting with the remains of the ancient Greeks and Romans, then Byzantine and Turkish nowadays.

Prices of accommodation in hotels are the lowest in Europe, although the conditions are not high, and the food is cheap influence of Italian and Greek cuisines.

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