The most important attractions in Aitutaki

Aitutaki island beautiful island in Pacific Ocean, was recently named one of the 50 places that you must visit in your life. The ranking was made by Geographic Traveler magazine and was titled World's Greatest Destinations. The place impresses with its authenticity and amazing culture.

If you are unsure or do not know where is this magical place, peacefully, you are not alone. Aitutaki is part of the Cook Islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. They are like a well-kept secret of the South Pacific - not highly elevated hotels will painfully familiar chain hotels, there are many restaurants, not to mention the traffic lights!

Only pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons and most hospitable people who maybe have ever met. Aitutaki has a reputation as the most romantichnniya island among the 15 in the archipelago Cook. If you plan your wedding here you will never want to return home after a stay here. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Aitutaki

Secluded beaches, diving in pristine lagoons and romantic bungalows, which opens truly breathtaking views. Surely this is one of the best places for those seeking romance and tranquility.

About 10 hours flight from Los Angeles, so if you have time there, is very interesting for the opportunities you have to touch a heavenly place. Not trvozhete that your pocket is not deep enough for such a luxury.

Attractions of Cook Islands are accessible to escape from the daily destination for elementary dreamer traveler. Perfect for honeymooners, adventure seekers and families. In all 15 Cook Islands is vsekiko something. If you visit the Cook Islands and if you go on the island of Aitutaki, better not say that you were there.

This gem is an hour's flight from the capital of the Cook Aarotonga. Its area is only seven square kilometers and a population just under 2,000. The main ingredient of Aitutaki are breathtaking crystal clear turquoise waters, sparkling white beaches. This is the main ingredient of Aitutaki.

It is a place of unsurpassed natural beauty and tranquility that provides a peace of mind and body away from the pressures of the outside world. Aitutaki does not claim to be the most staggering of all the Pacific islands, but may leave you - at least according to many baked voyagers sailed these amazing water before arriving here - speechless.

Great on earth Aitutaki is also (like jagged Tahitian island of Bora Bora, which is often compared) striking from the air, where his 50-mile protected reef resembles scalloped turquoise carpet, spread onto the ink blue sea. Reefs necklace twenty-one tiny motu (islands) and their deserted white beaches are perfect spots for picnics, lounging and snorkeling in amazingly clear water.

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