Top 5 landmarks in Afghanistan

Due to the frequent conflict and unstable political situation of the country landmarks in Afghanistan are extremely difficult to visit. Much of Afghanistan are high and inaccessible mountains, including the Iranian mountains northeast ridges of the Hindu Kush to the east and south Kandaharskoto plateau.

Small area of the country is flat and it is for the most part desert. Natural resources are poorly studied up to now are found only oil, gold, iron and natural gas. The flora is mainly represented by steppe vegetation and just on the border with Pakistan is burning. Therefore , the fauna is represented by wild goats, mouflon and wild boar and predators - wolf hyena and jackal. Afghanistan is a poor country with limited agriculture.

Cultivated mainly wheat and cotton, and in the steppe regions - sheep. Of landmarks in Afghanistan can mention the minaret of Jam. Represents a 65 m high tower built of brick lined well. This cultural monument dating from the early 12th century and is evidence developed at the time of civilization Guide. Compared to the attractions in Pakistan, there is no great respect for the history of Afghanistan. Bookmark and Share

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Little known landmarks in Afghanistan

The minaret of Jam was declared a protected monument of historical heritage. The remains of the minaret of the mosque is located in a canyon, the decoration is very interesting - there is a blue as the middle and the top of the minaret.

Other historical sites in Afghanistan is Bamiyan valley. You will feel the unique mix of four different cultures - Greek culture, Buddhist culture, Indian and Sassanid cultures.

Remains in the Bamiyan valley are mostly cut into the rock face figures of Buddha with an impressive size. Unfortunately, in 2001 the Taliban destroyed some of these Buddha statues with which to incur the wrath of the world community.

Historical and cultural sites in Afghanistan

Since in this valley passed the Silk Road you will see several Buddhist temples and monasteries and remains of fortifications during the Islamic period. All this is protected by UNESCO.

Natural landmarks in Afghanistan can mention the National Park Band-e Amir. The first national park in Afghanistan, many beautiful incorporating the six unique lakes in the valley of Bamiyan. Nature has created natural dams that form these lakes and the color of the water is light blue.

National Agency for the protection of the park doing everything possible to thwart human intervention, mostly fishermen using bombs to catch fish.

During the war in Afghanistan, many plant and animal species destroyed. However, in recent years there has been interest from tourists, which would revitalize the development of this part of the region of the country.

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul, dirty and unmaintained town in which you must be careful.

Visit the palace Dar-ul Aman, National Museum of the country and the ancient fortress Bala Hissar.

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