Active volcanoes are attractions in Aeolian Islands

In the Mediterranean are many islands like attractions in Aeolian Islands, where tourists eager for trip wants to relax in the summer and travels to beautiful beaches. Since the climate is very favorable cool and wet, these islands are visited annually by millions of visitors from all over the world. Bookmark and Share

There are some very small and barely noticeable on the map of the Mediterranean attractions in Aeolian Islands. You can find it by the name also Lipari Islands. They are located to the north of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, where on good intentions you can see attractions of Sicily .Total Aeolian archipelago consists of seven volcanic islands, with six coming in the municipality of Lipari and Salina seventh municipality. Since the relief of most islands is mountainous, the beaches are rocky with shallow reefs and small lagoons. The biggest attractions in Aeolian Islands are boat trip and tour the islands by sea. Interest to tourists is the highest point in the archipelago Mount Fossa delle Felci height 962 meters, which is located on the island of Salina. Another interesting peak (second level) is the active volcano of Stromboli island 926 meters. Real attraction is to watch the eruption of 100-150 meters dispersing lava at night. Island has an area of ​​only 12.5 square kilometers. and farthest from Sicily.

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Main attractions in Aeolian Islands

Its population is only a few thousand people, concentrated in urban San Bartole, San Vincenzo, grills and Fikogrande.

To the attractions in Aeolian Islands are: Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano, Alikudi, Salina, Filicudi and Stromboli. Lipari is the largest in the archipelago, there is the town also the largest in the area. The main attractions here are a 17th century castle and museum.

Beautiful beaches and attractions in Aeolian Islands

Vulcano Island is the most desirable place to monitor the volcano's last eruption back in 1900. That's why tourists prefer it to the island of Stromboli. Since there are no airports on the islands, the best transport remains at sea. There are very good connections by boat to attractions in Italy and Sicily. Beach of the Aeolian Islands is too narrow, covered with black sand and small pebbles. The greenest island in the Aeolian Islands is Salina. It is rich in freshwater, so between the volcano has an extensive green plain - quite unusual view of the volcanic island.

Here grow citrus fruits such as olives, capers, oranges and more. There are also ferns, vines, pines and chestnuts. Volcanoes on the island of Salina are six, they were formed before about 10,000 years in shaping the island.  

Panarea is the smallest island, which was formed by a powerful volcanic eruption, which is scattered in small pieces of contemporary landscape.

The houses are scattered all over the island, and note there is no way to see the road. Tourists can walk only in well-trodden paths.

If you go around the island of Panarea boat may be surprised at the high hard to reach rocky shores. Once zoomed in you will be amazed by the small coves that are proving quite easy mooring for small boats and yachts. Filikudi island is called "Cave of the navy blue" because it uniquely sized natural education. The water around the island is crystal clear and the colors and blend of sparkling blue to emerald green.

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