10 Experience nightlife in India

Kolkata is the India’s cultural capital. Several types of festivals and exhibitions are accumulated here in this grand metro city. The nightlife of Kolkata is decent and varied. You can explore Kolkata with your friends, there is no shortage of clubs and party places in Kolkata, some of them are:

Tantra, it is the best bar in Kolkata in terms of crowd, nightlife experience. Dublin, The Park, Lytton Hotel are other preferred destinations. Bengali touch is there when it comes to nightlife in Kolkata so we can expect huge grandeur and energy from the crowd of Kolkata, which is a bliss for nightlife to exist.

Shimla is the king of Hill stations in India, also it is the capital of the incredible Himachal Pradesh. Apart from great climate, sightseeing, valleys and monuments, Shimla has a beautiful nightlife. Mall Road of Shimla is world famous with Christ church situated on it. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience nightlife in India

At night Shimla looks like a heaven, several clubs and pubs are situated on the great Mall Road offering quality time and booze and constantly increasing the fun of nightlife many folds. Just before the new year, Shimla experience heavy crowd of visitors from all over the India, at night several fests are organised here and visitors go gaga over the Punjabi tunes which dominate the valley.

Pink city Jaipur is the emerging nightlife destination of the India. People from all over the India visit Jaipur to experience the culture and monuments of Jaipur and experience the night bliss of the great pink city. People here are pretty civilised and love to enjoy the nightlife. With many cultural fests and food destinations are here parallel to clubs and pubs. Some of the most famous destinations in Jaipur for nightlife are: Devil’s Club, Café Kobe, Wavs, Amigos Bar etc.

Chennai is probably the most preferred destination for nightlife in South India, with a rich crowd, exotic food, young energy and warmness, Chennai can be seen as the Blend for a perfect nightlife experience. Chennai has known for its food; the exotic South Indian food can make your taste buds go crazy. Some of the most important and delightful destinations in Chennai are Zara, Bike and Barrels, Geo Bar, Anna South Delight, Dublin.

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